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At Asset Wills we offer genuine 100% free professional storage for life for every client. If during that time you do require your Will to be updated we guarantee that it will never cost you any more than 25% of our then current Will price. If it is a simple re-draft, there is every chance we'll do it for free.

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Why is it so important?

After making a Will, it is vital that you make sure to store the original copy securely and safely. If the original Will was to go missing or accidently damaged, your executors won't be able to proceed as just a mere copy cannot be admitted to Probate.

If the original copy of the Will is damaged, the Probate Registry may well believe that an attempt has been made to invalidate your Will and can refuse to admit it to probate. This can result in your estate being treated as though you had never made a Will at all. Which in turn, will lead to the consequences of intestacy.

You should never store your
Will at home

Storing the original copy of your Will at home is possibly the worst place to keep it, these are just some of the reasons why:

  • It could get damaged caused by fire, or even flooding.
  • It may become defaced, causing it to become invalid.
  • It could get lost or even stolen.
  • Someone you might not want reading it, may do so.
  • Your executors might not be able to find it.

Storing your Will at a Bank

Some people may also think about storing the original copy of their Will at a bank, however this can lead to problems, such as:

  • Banks can charge in excess of £40 per quarter.
  • Banks will generally store your Will on condition of appointing them as professional executors/trustees.
  • The fees for which would be far in excess of any storage fee.
  • the executors would never be able to retrieve the Will if stored in a safety deposit box held in your name.
  • your executors may not know that your Will is with a particular bank.

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